Vets 4 Veterans Monthly Food Distribution Program

Vets 4 Veterans is committed to meeting the needs of local veterans. We are well aware that many situations can quickly put at-risk veterans on a slippery slope towards homelessness. As COVID was making itself known, we became aware that there were more and more veterans that were experiencing food insecurities.
We began addressing this issue by having monthly food distributions at the Armed Services Site. As COVID began raging through our vulnerable population, we became concerned about the gathering together. So we developed a program where we would purchase food, pack it in boxes and have volunteers deliver the boxes-thus limiting contact but still being able to check on the vulnerable veterans.
When Northrop Grumman offered us a large COVID Relief Grant, we knew we were on the right track. Thanks to local donations from corporations and individuals – and hundreds of hours of volunteer work – we have been feeding over 50 veteran families for 2 years.

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