Vets 4 Veterans Operation Restart Healing Program

Provides individual therapy with a licensed therapist. Also, Art as Healing Group, which addresses PTSD and other veteran issues, at no cost to the veteran.

In war there are no unwounded soldiers.   ~~Jose Narosky

The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.   ~~Douglas McArthur

And the truth is that all veterans pay with their lives.   Some pay all at once, while others pay over a lifetime.   ~~JM Storm  

Combat trauma not only affects the veteran who is living everyday with it, it affects the entire family—and consequently the entire community.

After having served in the military, veterans can experience difficulty with readjustment to post-deployment life.  They can struggle with issues caused by their deployment, post-traumatic stress issues, and frequently grief and loss issues.  They can feel like they don’t fit in, or struggle translating military skills and ethos to civilian life. 

Sometimes veterans need support that goes beyond food or financial help.  Here Vets 4 Veterans can step in to offer emotional support, provided by Vietnam combat veteran, Gerry Rice, LMFT, who is available to provide therapeutic intervention.  Processing sensitive traumatic events in narrative with a licensed therapist who is also a combat veteran can provide the foundation for living better with painful experiences.

Due to COVID restrictions, the Vets 4 Veterans Art as Healing program has been on Hiatus.  We are hoping to be able to bring it back soon.

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